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The OBF’s Digital Bach Project was launched in 2011 to extend the Festival’s global reach, with interactive explorations of the B Minor Mass, Goldberg Variations, St. Matthew Passion, and the Well-Tempered Clavier. As you enter the Digital Bach portal you will discover the craft, creativity, and legacy of J. S. Bach, arguably western music’s most influential composer.  You can explore each of the Bach masterworks currently available on this site, through graphics, video, and text, as the scores unfold before your eyes. A new level of insight and understanding is achieved through HD videos, which include Helmuth Rilling's acclaimed master classes and lecture-concerts on the B Minor Mass and St. Matthew Passion; and Hal Hinkle, the projects generous underwriter, moderates a riveting seminar on the Goldberg Variations, featuring OBF Artistic Director, Matthew Halls, renowned Bach interpreter Angela Hewitt, and the architect of our Digital Bach Project, Bach scholar Tim Smith.  The latest addition to the site focusses on Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, brought to life by three leading keyboard players, David Korevaar, Philip Goeth and Edward Parmentier.

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Enter the Digital Bach project and discover the craft, creativity, and legacy of J. S. Bach, history’s most influential composer.

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12 Apr
Cantus Vocal Ensemble

Beall Concert Hall

25 Jun
Haydn's Creation

Silva Concert Hall