SFYCA - Activities


The SFYCA strives to develop the whole musician; consummate musicians have comprehensive knowledge of theory, history, vocal technique, aural and sight-reading skills, conducting, and even familiarity with the orchestra! Your days at the SFYCA focus on developing these skills, deepening your artistry as a versatile musician. Sessions take place on the beautiful University of Oregon campus and at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Eugene, nestled in the Willamette Valley between the Pacific coast and the Cascade Mountains.  

Sample daily schedule:

8:30 – 9:15am

9:15 – 9:45am

10:00 – 11:30am

11:30am – 12:30pm

2:30 – 5:00pm

7:30 – 10:00pm


 Vocal Technique




 Evening Social Activity or OBF Concert


BodySinging (45 minutes daily)

Choral music is a full-body art form, so we start every day with BodySinging, led by Therees Hibbard. The voice is an instrument, and like any other instrument, it has very specific physical components that contribute to its function. These components must be developed and taught to work in a coordinated manner. Breathing exercises, stretching, and full-range movement are incorporated into a physical and vocal warm-up routine that sets you on the path to healthy singing and continuous growth. The techniques you explore in this class carry through the day’s rehearsals as Dr. Armstrong and the rest of the faculty help you practically integrate them into your singing. 

Vocal Technique (30 minutes daily)

Preparing your voice for a full day of singing requires much more than a warm up. In daily Vocal Technique classes, Associate Director of the SFYCA, Cole Blume, leads you through the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, technical aspects of healthy sound production, aural skills, and ear-training. This is a warm up for the brain, the ears, and the vocal cords that will promote the development and expand your knowledge of your personal vocal instrument. 

Musicianship (three 90 minute sessions across the summer)

Matthew Svoboda leads this refreshing approach to the development of the whole musician. Drawing on repertoire you are already rehearsing, Mr. Svoboda leads exercises in conducting and provides opportunities for everyone to lead the group, physical and Kinesthetic approaches to aural skills and sight-reading exercises, and outlets for composition and improvisation, all while broadening your understanding of the basic concepts of music theory and history. This is a fun, active approach to musicianship! 

Rehearsals (60 hours over two weeks)

SFYCA Program Director, Dr. Anton Armstrong, OBF Artistic Director Matthew Halls, SFYCA Associate Director Cole Blume, and OBF Chorus Master, Kathy Romey guide you through a rigorous two week rehearsal schedule. Rehearsals are divided between SFYCA showcase concert rehearsals, soloist rehearsals for On the House, and rehearsals for the Brahms Ein Deutches Requiem with the OBF Festival Orchestra and Chorus.

Attend Concerts

As part of the SFYCA experience, you will attend major concerts of the Oregon Bach Festival, featuring some of the world’s best choral singers, orchestral players, vocal soloists, and guest artists. Tickets are included with your fee and we make multiple trips a season to watch concerts as a group. We announce the 2016 summer concert season soon!  

Social Activities

No one can work all the time, it is summer after all! There are times to relax and socialize with your colleagues and enjoy the beautiful Willamette Valley. Activities include an ice cream social, an open mic night, and recreational time at the sports complex. Lunch and dinner breaks are usually two hours, providing additional opportunities to spend time outside with friends or to take advantage of some quiet time. 

The Dorm

At the SFYCA, you’ll share great times with your new friends while you get a taste of college living and dining in Barnhart Hall. Men and women reside on different floors, with staff Activity Directors on each floor. Activity Directors are adults who were once SFYCA participants, so they are here to help guide you through the program while providing supervision and guidance.

The food is great and the dorm is comfortable. When you’re accepted into the SFYCA, you’ll get full details of what you need to bring (and leave behind).