Friends of the Festival 2013 Ticket FAQ

  • Mar 6, 2013

How does a Friend buy tickets during the priority period?

  1. Beginning March 12, online at http://tinyurl.com/obf2013friends, using the Friends ID number in your brochure, or
  2. By the printed form stitched into your season brochure or available on our website. Return the form by mail, fax, or in person to the Hult Center.

I am a friend (have given $100 since August 1, 2012) but I lost my Friends ID/can’t find it/didn’t get one. How do I get the number?

Ask us!  Contact Cassie Bates, 541.346.1319 or cdb@uoregon.edu

What is this Friends ID number? Where is it? Do I need to keep it?

Your Friends ID number is new for this year. It’s unique to you.
  1. It appears on the stubby insert inside the brochure that was mailed to you.
  2. It’s also on the address panel of the brochure – it’s the number that starts with an “A.”
  3. Please do not give it to others. Ticket orders made with the number but not in your account are subject to cancellation.
Keep your Friends ID in a safe place for additional purchases through the Priority Period March 12-April 19, and for future reference.

I’m not a Friend. Can I still order?

If you’re not a contributing Friend and do not wish to become one, you can submit an order only via the printed form. Return it by mail, fax, or drop it off in person at the Hult Center. Non-Friends orders will be processed by date-received beginning April 20.

How do I become a Friend?

The easiest way is to contribute online.
  1. Go to http://tinyurl.com/obf2013discount
  2. Make a contribution of $125 or more.
  3. The website will generate a password for you to unlock the Friends discounts.
  4. Happy shopping!
Or, you can include a contribution with our printed order form. By including a donation your order will get priority over other non-Friends orders.

What concerts are available?

You can buy tickets for any of our concerts in any of the cities in which we perform. All these tickets are processed through Tickets.com and the Hult Center. Discounts apply only to selected concerts and vary by event.

How do I check my Friends status?

Contact Cassie Bates, 541.346.1319 or cdb@uoregon.edu

How do I buy online?

During the Friends period, visit this website: http://tinyurl.com/obf2013friends
  1. Enter your Friends ID number
  2. The website will only show the Friends discount prices.
  3. Enter your selected concerts into the shopping cart.
  4. Ordering is “real time.” Your credit card will be processed at that time.
  5. You can return another time to order more, using your Friends ID number.

When will I get my tickets?

You can choose to receive your tickets by mail or at will-call. If you choose by mail, you will receive them within 2-4 weeks of ordering. If you choose by will call, pick them up at the Hult Center at your convenience.

What if I pay by order form and my seats/concerts are not available?

If for some reason we need to refund part or all of your portion, we'll credit your card at the time of transaction. If you paid by check, we'll mail you a refund check separately from the order confirmation. This may take 2-3 weeks apart from the ticket confirmation. For questions about your seating requests, write to the Hult Center Bach's Office by email.

What are the service charges?

Service charges apply. During the Friends period online service charges are only $5 per order. After the Friends period, you’ll pay a per-ticket charge that varies by concert.

Can I place my order by phone?

We do not accept phone orders during the Friends priority period. You can order by phone starting May 14. Read All