2011: Halls, Alsop, Yo-Yo Ma and more

  • Oct 27, 2010
We had a great time at Opus VII tonight announcing the 2011 season. When we think about you as audiences, our slogan around the office is, "trust us to surprise you." Well the biggest surprise is that we were able to keep our 2011 lineup a surprise until tonight. When the "headline artist" screen of the slideshow displayed Yo-Yo Ma, Marin Alsop, and Miguel, there was a huge and spontaneous "wow" from the gallery crowd. Then when they heard John Evans talk about Matthew Halls, even more amazement - and surprise. The presentation started with this video, to set the stage:

Then John Evans provided the highlights, major events, and surprises, to the accompaniment of a slideshow (version below updated November 30 with audio and narration).

Lots more details to come, including the day by day schedule, which will be confirmed and announced in February. You can read more in the newsroom. Read All