St Lawrence featured in Alex Ross' new book

  • Nov 17, 2010
Alex Ross is one of the best music writers of our time. The music journalist for the New Yorker and author of the 2007 award-winning history of 20th century music The Rest is Noise, he has just released Listen to This, a collection of essays from the last decade covering music from Schubert to Bjork. One entire chapter of the book covers the St. Lawrence String Quartet, the next featured ensemble in ChamberMusic@Beall on Sunday, December 5. Ross describes the life on the road for one of America’s most gifted but not necessarily well-known classical ensembles, following them to concerts in El Paso, TX and Joplin, MO. In addition to the insight of the quartet’s members through the book, Ross also provides a site with musical examples related to his essays. His page on the St. Lawrence String Quartet gives you a sneak peak into what promises to be another great afternoon at Beall. Read All