Matthew Halls reports from Essen

  • Mar 18, 2014

Two weekends ago, I took myself off to Essen, one of the few German cities that I've not had the pleasure of visiting on my travels — until now.

I was accompanied by more suitcases than normal, as I am hunkering down for the next two and a half months of performances at the Aalto Theatre

Handel's Ariodante is on the menu in a new fully staged production at the old theatre in Essen. I've performed quite a few Handel operas over the years but never Ariodante. It's a masterpiece, and I just can't wait to start work on it.

Opera is always a complex beast and I don't tend to take on so many of them these days because of the sheer amount of time they take to put together, but when the music is as strong and arresting as Ariodante, being away from home for such a long time becomes a lot easier.

After my zillionth performance (I can't recall the exact number!) in Essen, I shall be getting straight on a plane to Oregon, to begin preparations for this summer's OBF. I very much look forward to seeing you all there!

Matthew Halls

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