Maestro's Travel Diary

  • Dec 2, 2014

How many miles has Matthew Halls flown in the last couple of years with British Airways alone? Apparently almost to the moon (which is 238,855 miles)!!

If you add up his miles from other airlines, the total is just less than 400,000 miles since he first came to OBF in 2011. Continue reading for his first-hand account of his travel to Australia.

Matthew Halls:

Excited to be flying for the first time on the new Airbus. Rumour has it they have a bar on the upper deck. That will help to while away the 22 hour flight!



When score study is completed for the day, there's only one thing to do....Kick back and catch up with Mad Men...

It turns out there is in fact a bar on the upper deck of the new airbus but it's crawling with rowdy Scottish revellers on a stag weekend trip to Dubai. Think I'll retreat to the safety of my own seat. 5 hours in the air...Only another 17 to go!


A precious day off on the Southern Australian Coast. 

'Shark Watch' on the end of the jetty in the cheerful company of 2 authentic Ozzy fishermen (both answer to the name of Bruce!)....Wonder if I'll be brave enough to get into the water later? If the sharks don't get me, the jelly fish just might....Not a particularly safe place to live this....

Two wonderful concerts with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra done and about to fly 3 hours west to Perth tomorrow.

With weather like this it's quite hard to believe there are only 24 days left until Christmas. In fact, it's quite hard to believe it's Messiah season at all!

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