The Creation marks birth of new orchestra

  • May 20, 2015

It’s not every night when you can experience The Creation.

On June 25th, that will be true in more ways than one.

Yes, that’s the opening night performance of The Creation, Haydn’s masterful musical merging of The Book of Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost, with its colorful depictions of the beginning of life.

But it’s also the first-ever performance by our new Berwick Academy orchestra.

Performing their very first notes as part of the full-scale forces for The Creation, the 35 top-flight young instrumentalists of the Berwick Academy specialize in historically-informed performance practice.

They’ll combine with our traditional orchestra, chorus and University Chamber Choir for The Creation, creating a force of nearly 150 musicians—much larger than how OBF has traditionally performed the work—who will all play on either original or replica instruments of the late 18th century.

You’ll hear a full-scale approach, with brilliant sounds, in a style, as conducted by Matthew Halls, that’s more relevant to what’s happening nowin the classical music world.

Side note: one instrument to look for will be the contra bassoon, the largest wind instrument used in one of our concerts. Bassoonist Steve Vacchi will be called upon to use its low “B Flat” to create the sound of ground trembling under the weight the large animals. 


The Creation begins the Festival with a big bang Thursday, June 25 at 7:30 pm in the Hult Center. Order tickets online or call 541-682-5000. The Berwick Academy also performs Beethoven June 27 and Bach July 6 in Beall concerts.