Saltzman Sustaining Endowment

  • Sep 6, 2013
[caption id="attachment_12673" align="alignleft" width="240"]Photo courtesy Register-Guard Photo courtesy Register-Guard[/caption] Named after Royce Saltzman, founding executive director, the OBF’s $10 million sustaining endowment helps fund the operations of the world-class festival in perpetuity, fueling the growth of artistic and educational programs and ensuring that people of all ages have opportunities to experience and perform classical music through the Oregon Bach Festival. The Saltzman Endowment now provides 6 percent of the OBF’s operating budget. However, the balance of our contributed income still must be raised through fundraising from public and private sources for the Annual Fund. Our goal is to build the Saltzman Endowment to a sufficient level that the investment interest income will provide a larger and predictable source of revenue for the OBF’s annual operating budget. See our page of named chairs and programs created through the Saltzman Endowment. To make a gift or to learn more, contact Patti Beardsley at pattib85@uoregon.edu or (541) 346-1324. Read All