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May 6th, 2013

Meet the 2013 Interns!

Each summer, the Oregon Bach Festival hires a number of students for internships that help administrate the festival.  These internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their chosen field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, and even gain school credit.  Most importantly, interns have the opportunity to assist in the production of a full-scale, state-wide, internationally recognized music festival, which includes meeting artists, managing events, and working with the press. 

Read on to find out what roles and responsibilities our interns take on, and a bit more about the Class of the 2013 OBF Interns!

» Just looking to learn more about the application process? Check out our             Archived 2013 Internships Posting Page for details and downloadable flyers.  

» Artistic Operations

Artistic Operations interns are responsible for coordinating with seasonal staff, managing concerts, liaising with artists, coordinating schedules and venues (both in Eugene and off-site), overseeing music library, assisting and supervising lectures and classes, providing backstage assistance, aiding Artistic Director & Conductor Helmuth Rilling and Matthew Halls, and other tasks crucial to the operation of the Festival. Dave Goudy (OBF Artistic and Educational Operations Manager) supervises this position.

Artistic Operations Intern  »  Sarah Robey

Robey, SarahOriginally from Northern California, Sarah has lived in Eugene for six years and has an undergraduate degree from Northwest Christian University in Music Industry and Business. Sarah is currently a graduate student at the University of Oregon in the Arts Administration program with a Performing Arts Management concentration. She has an eclectic background of previous employment, including being a makeup artist for Christian Dior and an advocate for the developmentally disabled. Fun fact: Sarah she has named all of her pets after country western superstars!


» Boutique Coordinator

The Boutique Coordinator intern manages daily operations of the Bach Boutique and recruits, trains and supervises volunteer sellers. They are responsible for Boutique set-up and tear-down at the Hult Center, overseeing that appropriate sales and service procedures are performed, selling merchandise, and keeping accurate sales and inventory records. George Evano (OBF Director of Communications) supervises this position.

Boutique Coordinator Intern  »  Spice Walker

Walker, SpiceSpice is currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon Clark Honors College studying Advertising and Digital Arts. Although she was born and raised in Los Angeles, she is more than happy to now call Oregon her home. She works as the Director of Public Relations for the Clark Honors College Student Association, a PR Representative for Ethos Magazine, and a member of the Willamette Valley Music Festival’s Media Team. Spice is also the OBF Communications Work Study student. In her spare time, she enjoys thrift shopping, doing crossword puzzles, acting in plays, looking up her friends’ zodiac charts, baking Nutella cookies and blending up fruit smoothies!


» Donor Relations

The Donor Relations interns assist in the fundraising efforts of OBF, including benefit fulfillment and coordination, reception and event management at small and large-scale events (including OBF's Annual Gala), sponsorship implementation and analysis, strategic outreach to ensure the growth of our donor base and development of post-Festival cultivation materials.  Patti Beardsley (OBF Director of Corporate & Donor Relations) and Cassie Bates (OBF Development Assistant) supervises these interns.

Donor Relations Intern  » Carrie Garrison

Garrison, Carrie - editedBorn in Salem, Oregon, Carrie moved to Michigan in 2010 to finish her high school education at Interlochen Arts Academy, where she was awarded a Fine Arts Award for Violin Performance upon graduation. She moved on to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh where she continues her violin studies in conjunction with studying Journalism. Carrie has played her instrument since the age of 6, and is particularly interested in Klezmer music (traditional Jewish folk music) as she plans to start such a band next year. Carrie will be spending the summer in Eugene and also spending time interning with the Eugene Symphony. Her interests include photography, Europe and Thai food!

 Donor Relations Intern  »  Caitlin Harrington

Harrington, Carrie - editedA native of the small island town Sitka in Alaska, Caitlin began playing the piano at the age of 3. Her love of classical music brought her to the University of Oregon’s School of Music where she now studies piano with Dr. Alexandre Dossin. In addition to her music major, Caitlin is also majoring in Public Relations after she became interested in the inner workings of the performing arts industry. When not studying or in a practice room, Caitlin can be found running, skiing and attending a ballet class every now and then.  

» Festival Administration

The Festival Administration interns are responsible for assisting in the scheduling of volunteers and seasonal staff members, coordination of flowers, food and gift baskets, managing and providing transportation for festival participants including artists and soloists, and overseeing daily operations of the on-site and off-site offices, which are small but extremely fast-paced. Gail Norris (OBF Festival Admin. & Volunteer Coordinator) and Linda Ackerman (OBF Lead Artist Liaison) supervise these interns.

Festival Administration Intern  »  Emily Frisella

Frisella, Emily - edited Born and raised in Eugene (and spending her summer in the city), Emily is a rising sophomore at Wellesley College where she is working towards a double major in English and History. Emily works as a production assistant at Wellesley College Theater, and is involved in several student publications on campus, including the Wellesley Review. This winter, she also had the opportunity to intern at Skipping Stones Magazine in Eugene. In her free time, Emily can typically be found reading and writing; visiting parks, museums, theaters, and bookstore; as well as brewing copious amounts of tea.    

Festival Administration Intern  »  Kailtin Littleford

Littleford, Kaitlin - editedRaised from the age of eight in Denver, Colorado, Kaitlin is a senior double majoring in Linguistics and Spanish from the UO.  After taking a few education classes and leaving the country for the first time to study abroad in Chile, she decided teaching was probably not the right career choice.  She hopes to put her language skills and newfound love of travel to good use by pursuing a career in international tourism, hospitality and event planning.  When not studying or working in a café in one of the dorms on campus, she can be found on a ski slope or hiking trail, with her nose in a book, or in the kitchen trying another too-fancy dessert recipe.  

Festival Administration Intern  »  Rhianna Terrien

Terrien, Rhianna - editedBorn and raised in Ashland, Rhianna is a current freshman here at the U of O and is interested in pursuing digital arts and advertising. Rhianna has held a variety of jobs, including show secretary for various equestrian events and horse shows in the Rogue Valley and as an assistant karate instructor. She even trained under Chuck Norris’ stunt double to earn a 2nd degree black belt! Rhianna has also served as a Work Study student in the Bach Festival offices since January of this year. An avid tea drinker and huge veggie lover, her friends have nicknamed her “vega-Terrien,” a clever play on her last name and penchant for fresh foods.

» Marketing & PR

The Marketing & PR intern is responsible for supporting communications efforts, including helping to coordinate media partnerships, interacting with the public and press representatives, track and archive articles released during Festival, develop publicity materials, manage ticketing and box office issues and use social media to bring in new audiences. George Evano (OBF Director of Communications) supervies this intern.

Marketing & PR Intern  »  Ari Kogan

Kogan, AriA Portlander from birth, Ari is graduating from the University of Oregon this June with a degree in Journalism and concentration in Advertising. As his father is a native Brazilian and most of his extended family lives in Brazil, Ari also speaks a bit of Portuguese! He loves to talk about music—of any kind!—as well as stay active by playing conventional sports such as soccer and basketball, and not-so-conventional sports like “mega-skeeball” and “scarfchery.” Ari has admitted that, despite his best intentions, he’s secretly a bit of a beer snob!


» SFYCA Assistant

The SFYCA/Teachers Workshop assistant will support the efforts of the Stangeland Family Youth Choral Academy Program Administrator before and during the SFYCA program and Choral Teachers Workshop. Major duties include assisting in preparations for both programs, assisting in registration for each program, and providing support services during the programs. The assistant will also support the Choral Teachers Workshop leader, Dr. Sharon J Paul. Elin England (Youth Programs Administrator) supervises this assistant. SFYCA Assistant  »  Kate Schreiner Schreiner, Kate - editedA native of Colorado, Kate is about to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from the UO’s Music Education program and is applying to the University’s Master’s Degree program. She is an active member of the University Singers under the direction of Sharon Paul. Her participation in the Chamber Choir has taken her to Estonia and Ireland, and she performed under the baton of Matthew Halls (OBF’s Artistic Director Designate) in November 2012 during Maestro Halls’ residency at the University. You may recognize Kate from the “Discovering Scarlatti” video posted on the OBF website!       » Want to learn more about the application process? Check out our             Archived 2013 Internships Posting Page for details and downloadable flyers. » Download a printer-friendly PDF version of this page. Read All