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  • Jul 27, 2006
Eugene writer Paul Omundson loves all kinds of music, but gets a special kick from Bach. We like him like that. Sponsored by Los Angeles-based PR firm Idea Hall, he spent a few days trolling around the Festival for sights and sounds. Here are links to his stories: Saltzman's scoop for Elderhostelers How to clear international artists over increasing travel hurdles was one of the insights shared in Royce Saltzman's talk with a Festival Elderhostel group. "Unforgettable" Snapshots and quick interviews with participants in the Festival's 2006 Elderhostel program. What they've learned: conductors Three conductors of the master class share their insights from two exhausting and exciting weeks. The Secret? Sausages. Retired travel agent now the Russian trio's adopted mom. Good for Mind, Body and Soul Chungliang Al Huang leads tai ji seminars and dances in a visual concert at this year's festival. Mozart Mass: Chock Full o' Carnegie On June 30 the Mass in C Minor brings the spirit of New York to Eugene. All Sax and no Violins Get Bach on the Bus to the sounds of sax June 26-29 at LTD's downtown station. Here's why. Like what you read? Comments? Contact Paul.