DJ Smuve Takes Remix Crown

  • Jun 3, 2007
[caption id="attachment_2994" align="alignright" width="170" caption="DJ Smuve, courtesy Liz Livengood/Eugene Celebration"][/caption]A crowd of 250 children, adults, fans, and followers basked in the sun Saturday while DJ Smuve basked in the glow of a first place prize at the Bach Remix. The second annual blend of Bach and hip-hop took place at Eugene's Oakway Center Heritage Courtyard, presented by the Oregon Bach Festival. DJ Smuve, aka Bobby Green, Jr., began his set using a slow self-made hip-hop beat with heavy bass. While he let his hip-hop intro play, DJ Smuve loosened his tie and unbuttoned his black shirt to reveal a t-shirt that had "Battle Ready" displayed across his torso. About two minutes into his set, he revealed the third movement of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, the designated theme for each of the contestants, mixed with E-40's "Ghost Ride the Whip." With his prize-winning fusion of modern hip-hop, self-produced beats, and Bach's best, DJ Smuve received screams from the fans. He answered their call by scratching additional melodies into his masterpiece. Like the crowd, the judges were impressed by DJ Smuve's musical style, rewarding him with comments like "Ghost Ride the Bach." Judge Rocky Lamanna of KWAX classical radio allowed the possibility that J.S. Bach "might possibly have been smiling in his grave." DJ Smuve took home a $717 prize (the DJs were allowed 7 minutes and 17 seconds in their set) inscribed on a giant-size parchment check. He also won a headline appearance on Saturday, Sept. 8 at 11:30 a.m. as part of the 2007 Eugene Celebration. MC'd by Robo, morning show host of Eugene's KDUK 104.7, the Bach Remix was kicked off by 16-year-old violinist Theeze, who electrified the crowd with her electric violin and a solo performance of J. S. Bach's Preludio from the Partita in E Major. The applause for Theeze segued into hip hop beats as the four members of Raw Action took to the stage, tumbling, throwing their bodies in the air, and spinning on their heads in a choreographed break dancing routine. DJ DV8, the reigning Remix champ, was first to spin, sampling funk and impeccably scratching. As he fused his heavy beats into Bach, fans began clapping and screaming their appreciation. DV8 responded, scratching to Bach's famous trumpet melody for phrase after phrase. His set ended with a slow drum ensemble, heavy bass line, and DV8's stock in trade, incredibly quick scratching. DJ Reflex encountered technical snags, finally overcoming on the third start. Despite the difficulties, he kept the party going with a unique mix of dance music and hip-hop favorites like Naughty by Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray." Joining Lamanna at the judge's table were Michael Kay, producer, recording artist and founder of the Pacific Urban Music Association (PUMA), and Cindy Ingram, booking and promotions manager of the Eugene Celebration. The event was co-produced by the University of Oregon's Allen Hall Advertising (a student-run agency), and sponsored by Oakway Center, KDUK 104.7, and the Eugene Celebration. All of the DJs stated that mixing classical music with modern beats is a challenge, but DJ Smuve said he especially likes the opportunity to be creative. "It gives people a different perspective of what I do," he told MC Robo. "I write my own pieces and produce the beats. I also come from a classical background. It's really nice to be able to infuse all different styles. I like taking something and really just putting more of myself into it," Smuve said. After the results were announced, DJ Smuve stepped up to his turntables for a victory set. Raw Action and members of the crowd danced to the encore as the event came to a close. Although the Remix is wrapped for another year, the Oregon Bach Festival is right around the corner, June 29-July 15 at locations throughout Eugene. For more, see the Remix website: http://bachremix.com