Master Class in Conducting: Fees and Facts

  • Nov 19, 2010

2014 Rates

Tuition: $1,500 for participating conductors as selected through the audition process. $1,100 for auditors for the entire class, or $65 per day for partial stays. Room & board: $79 a night for a single room or $66 a night for a double room.  Class participants requesting housing stay in Barnhart Hall on the University of Oregon campus and eat all meals through campus dining, which provides for a large variety of tastes and dietary needs. Those requesting a double room without a specific roommate can have one assigned.

Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid will be available to conductors chosen for the class. Do not let the cost of the program keep you from auditioning, as you may qualify for scholarship funding.

University Credit

The Master Class in Choral-Orchestral Conducting can be taken for college credit, on a cost-per-credit basis, by participating conductors or auditors who attend the entire program. Contact OBF if you are interested in exploring this option.

Concert Tickets

Tickets for certain OBF concerts are included at no charge for class members, subject to availability and class schedule. Read All