Dave, Lynn Frohnmayer Honored with Saltzman Award

  • Jul 14, 2008
Two distinguished audience members who have been part of the Festival since its beginning have now been honored with its highest award. Helmuth Rilling, OBF artistic director and conductor, presented the Saltzman Award to Dave Frohnmayer, University of Oregon president, and his wife Lynn. Named in honor of Royce Saltzman, founding executive director, the Saltzman Award is not an annual honor but presented only to individuals who have shown exceptionally high levels of leadership and commitment to help the Festival achieve its mission. It is the highest honor the Festival bestows. As UO president, Dave Frohnmayer oversaw the Festival’s leadership transition from Saltzman, who had been its chief executive for nearly all of its first 37 years, and John Evans, current executive director. The last four years have seen increased UO backing of the mostly self-supporting music festival, including key assistance in the progress of its $10 million endowment, which reached the $7.7 million mark at the start of this year’s event. Lynn Frohnmayer reflected fondly upon the way the Festival touched both their lives. “I can’t remember a time when we didn’t attend the Oregon Bach Festival,” she said. “It’s been a part of our lives since we came back to Oregon in 1971. We simply love it.” Over the same time period, Dave Frohnmayer’s family has had a close personal and professional relationship with Rilling. His sister and brother, both singers, worked with the German conductor. Frohnmayer also believes in the value of the Festival as a cultural offering. “The Festival is a jewel in the university’s crown,” he said. "We must continue to build a strong foundation for the future.” Previous winners of the Saltzman Award are Nonnie Cole, a Eugene arts patron and former OBF board president; Helmuth Rilling, artistic director; Tom Wildish, community leader and board president; Bill Bowerman, the track coach and key donor; and Saltzman, the initial recipient. John Evans said 2008, as Dave Frohnmayer’s last as UO president, was the perfect time to formally recognize the couple’s contributions. “Year in, year out, Dave and Lynn have walked the walk,” he said. “They’ve shown as leaders, participants, and influential friends that university support of the Festival is not a token act, but a vital partnership.” Following the concert at the King Estate Gala, the OBF Endowment reached over $8 million when donors Andy and Phyzz Berwick, currently chairs of the endowment drive, pledged $350,000 on top of an earlier $1 million gift.