1975: Oh, d'amore!

  • May 21, 2010
Leading up the start of the 40th Anniversary of the Oregon Bach Festival, we are taking a brief look at each year of the festival over the course of the next 40 days (41, to be precise). But we could not do it without a little help. On the occasion of the Oregon Bach Festival silver anniversary, Marian C. Donnelly compiled a history of the first 25 years. For the next couple of weeks, we will be graciously pulling excerpts from her work, The Oregon Bach Festival 1970-1994.

Pretty sure that these are missing lyrics to a Dean Martin tune…
When two reeds play a tone And it seems a bit low That's oboe d'amore!
Maybe not. While Dino sang about the virtues of love, Bach preferred writing for the oboe of love — the oboe d'amore. And, in 1975, it became the instrument of choice at the Festival:
"With support from from the Oregon Arts Commission, Günther Passin conducted a master class in oboe/oboe d'amore in 1975, inaugurating another valuable component of the Festival's educational program."
Even though love is the international language, 1975 set the stage for the cantata going international:
"The cantata series became a prototype for the programs that Rilling introduced in Krakow, Tokyo, Stuttgart, Buenos Aires, and Moscow."
What, no Paris? Tomorrow: 1976 - 2 Birthdays, 2 Funerals. You can purchase your tickets to the 2010 Oregon Bach Festival here. And for a more extensive history of the Festival, you can find it here. Read All