Printed Texts and Translations now by download

  • Jun 22, 2011
With recent upgrades to the viewing system in Beall Concert Hall, the Oregon Bach Festival now projects supertitles for most of the foreign language choral/vocal works in its concerts. By no longer printing text booklets, the OBF will save paper and resource costs. Audience members may elect to download their own copies of the texts for applicable concerts through a page on oregonbachfestival.com. In some cases, the texts can be viewed directly on the screen of a mobile device. Projected supertitles over the stage allow audiences to read the words while they see the performance unfold in front of them. With the concert hall darkened for better visibility of the projections, audiences have had less use for printed texts over the last few festivals, resulting in wasted costs and resources for the prepared text booklets. For the 2011 Festival, “pdf” files for texts and translations are available for all the major choral concerts and Discovery series cantatas except Joan of Arc at the Stake July 2, which has a licensing restriction against printed texts. Texts can be downloaded at any time, available ahead of concert dates for study and reference. See the full list at http://oregonbachfestival.com/music/texts/ Read All