Oregon Uncovered: Eugene, Cascades, Coasts, & the Oregon Bach Festival

  • Jun 3, 2010
The episode featuring the Oregon Bach Festival that nearly 48 million Europeans in 16 countries discovered last spring on "Oregon Uncovered" is now available for viewing stateside via the Oregon Uncovered website. You can view "Eugene, Cascades and Coast" here. Here is a description of the episode:
Lane County is our first stop in this episode. Miles of outdoor fun for runners here in "Track Town USA"! We'll sample gorgeous wines of the region and some truly great classical music at the Oregon Bach Festival. We meet the world-renowned Shanghai Quartet. There's even representation of "Green Eggs and ham"!
The 15 episodes of "Oregon Uncovered" feature the attractions, people, experiences and scenic beauty of Oregon. The show inspires travel with a variety of outdoor adventures, culinary experiences, scenic drives and interviews with Oregonians across the state. "We were proud to share Oregon's treasures with the European continent when it first aired last March," said Teresa O'Neill, Director of International & Domestic Travel Trade for Travel Oregon. "And now we're thrilled to bring the show, and Oregon, to the rest of the world." Read All