SFYCA: Recorded Auditions

  • Nov 19, 2010
The SFYCA is comprised of 84 high school-aged students who have auditioned live or by recording. We urge you to try-out live at one of the auditions we hold in the Northwest. If you’re outside of our area, or if you can’t make one of the dates, follow these steps to audition by CD.


Print out  the 2014 Audition Form. Complete this form and secure a letter of reference from your choral director or voice teacher.


Plan carefully to make a high-quality recording. Use a well-tuned piano and good recording equipment. Label the CD and its container clearly with the following information:
  • Name
  • Town or City
  • State
  • School
  • Voice Part
Listen to the recording after you have recorded it to ensure that all elements of the audition are included.


On the CD, record the following:
  • Clearly state your Name
  • Town or City
  • State
  • School
  • Tell which voice part you prefer to sing


Perform the steps and exercises from the live audition requirements page.


Include your form, letter of reference, and your audition CD in an envelope, and clearly address it as indicated below. Write your return address as well. Recorded audition materials must be in our office by April 10, 2014.  Sorry, we cannot accept recorded auditions via email, iTunes, or other web formats. Please create a CD. Send it to:
SFYCA Audition Committee 1257 University of Oregon Eugene OR 97403-1257
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