Gala Video 3: New Music and Commissions

  • Jul 26, 2010
The July 3, 2010 gala concert was the high point of the Oregon Bach Festival's 40th anniversary celebrations. A series of videos bridged the thirteen musical numbers and served to cover set changes. Each of the eight videos focused on an aspect of the OBF's history or mission. "New Music" focuses on commissions, premieres, and projects that aimed to place Bach's legacy of sacred music in the context of our time. It features an inside look at the 2009 premiere of Messiah by Sven-David Sandstrom, and the 2001 Grammy award presentation to Helmuth Rilling and Krzysztof Penderecki's Credo. The 40th anniversary videos were produced by Pushplay Productions, Eugene. Special thanks to Oregon Public Broadcasting and Alex Richanbach for his interview with Helmuth Rilling, filmed in Nashville in April 2010 and generously underwritten by Betsy and Mark Richanbach. Read All