Now at Digital Bach: Goldberg Seminar

  • Nov 13, 2012
The Oregon Bach Festival has officially posted the latest addition to the Digital Bach Project: The Goldberg Seminar video. Taped at last summer's OBF and moderated by Hal Hinkle, the discussion about Bach’s work generated lively conversation amongst Angela Hewitt, Matthew Halls and Tim Smith. The distinguished panel analyzed a wide range of concepts regarding the piece, from its use of repeats, differences between piano and harpsichord performance, and formal structure. You might even find yourself pondering one of Hal Hinkle’s questions: “If you could ask Bach one question about his work, what would that be?” The Digital Bach Project is an ever-expanding, interactive site that explores the craft and legacy of J.S. Bach through flash-animation score study, recorded performances, and thought-provoking scholarship. The seminar, part of the OBF's annual Hinkle Distinguished lecture series, was held at Eugene's Hult Center and the video was produced by Pushplay Productions. As the project continues to expand, look for new components, including Helmuth Rilling's high-definition lecture-demonstration of the St. Matthew Passion, coming in spring 2013. To see all the digital Bach features, visit http://digitalbach.com/.